The Original "Classic" Big Wheel 16" Trike 90s Model.

The "Classic" Original Big Wheel
16" Trike 90s Model.

Color: Red, Blue, Yellow w/Black Wheels.

$ 277.77
 Made in USA!!!






Millions of kids from the 1960's to 2000 enjoyed their Big Wheel®.
When it was introduced to the world in 1969, the Big Wheel® Tricycle immediately became a national success!

The Original Big Wheel® provided fun play for millions of children and enhanced the early development of their motor skills. 
Because of its huge popularity, many of today's parents have
special childhood memories that include endless hours of joy
on their Big Wheel®.

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The classic "low-rider" profile makes it safer than standard tricycles.
Adjustable 3 position seat that allows the trike to grow with your child.
Awesome 36-pack of durable, weather-resistant decals.
High-visibility colors for safety.
Easy assembly.
Does not have a hand brake.
Suitable for children ages 3 to 8 years.

Assembled Size: 36 x22 x 22".

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