The Original Classic Big Wheel "Spin-Out Racer" 16" Trike with a Hand Brake.

The Original Big Wheel 16" Girls "Spin-Out Racer". Red/Purple/Yellow.






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Handbrake creates 180⁰ spinout action.
3 Position Adjustable Seat.
Low-to-the-ground design and extra wide back wheels give added stability.
Classic "low-rider" profile makes it safer than standard tricycles.
16" durable front wheel.
Kid powered.
Sturdy construction.
Angled handlebars for racing.
Weight limit is 70 lbs.
For ages 3 to 8 yrs.
Made in USA or China.

Please note: The hand brake is not a safety feature, but completely opposite, it is designed to do tricks, to spin-out and is recommended for older, more experienced kids.

Assembled: 38 x24 x 22".

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